Free-up HR professionals from routine employee-related tasks

Centralized Database

Consolidated data makes it easier to manage employees working at different locations. With the single platform, employees can collaborate with their colleagues while working on critical projects together. Employee directory allows you to view, access, sort or analyze employee data from anywhere, anytime.

  • Organized employee profiles across different departments, locations, etc.
  • Multiple filters in employee search
  • Role-based access to employee data

Role-Based Access

Employee database contains comprehensive information and thus, discretion is required in who can view and access the data. Thus, the system provides role-based access to different category of users- HR professionals or administrators, managers, employees, employer, etc. Different users will get different capabilities depending on their role within the organization.

Employee Self-Service

The fully-automated HRIS system allows employees to maintain their own profiles. Employees will get personalized dashboards and profiles where they can view, edit or update their details as well as manage their leave and attendance.

  • Get view of work history including demographic and enrollment data
  • Navigate to Benefit Administration and Payroll modules

Easy On-Boarding

With OnCore, give your new hires a unique on-boarding experience by eliminating the tedious form filling and paperwork.The advanced on-boarding functionality will allow hired candidates to upload their documents and related details prior to their start date.The centralized database will automatically grab the data and process it.

Track Work Hours

Employees no longer need to worry about time cards or attendance sheets! OnCore gives you the automated platform for effectively tracking employees’ work hours. Timesheets can easily sync with payroll to make sure no data discrepancy occurs and employees are paid on time.

  • Manage employee leave requests and approvals
  • View schedules and availed time-offs on dashboard

Intuitive Reports

Get intuitive reports with the help of built-in analytics.The system is capable of exporting data into meaningful reports that can aid in organizational decision-making. Those with access will be able to view the employee headcount, attrition rate, performance as well as grievances for better workforce planning and management.

Manage Talent

Talent Management System will help you spot the skilled and potential candidates from your talent pool. Management can take reference from the skills and competency chart during recruitments as well as for succession planning.

  • Track employee skills and promote their level of expertise
  • Identify different skill sets among the workforce
  • View assigned skill levels for employees

Performance Feedback System

Users can give and receive performance feedback by their managers, supervisors and colleagues on request or by regular review process. The online portal will help employees as well as their supervisors to compare and improve their performance on the basis of regular feedbacks. They can identify if the performance graph is going upward or downward and manage their growth accordingly.