Let's make payday easy!

Automate your Tax Processing

OnCore facilitates state and federal tax computations as well as electronic creation and filing of tax documents. Get access to forms from anywhere, anytime!

  • Automated tax computations
  • Proactive tax filing

Customized For You

Custom-made system designed for any business size. Our flexible solution allows you to select direct deposit, checks, or pay cards to meet your payment needs.

  • For every business: small, medium, or large
  • Pay electronically or by check

On-Demand Reporting

OnCore offers the on-demand reporting functionality which allows easy access to the payroll summary, contribution, deduction, and federal tax reports. Reports are available in many different formats to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Comprehensive payroll reports
  • Custom format reporting

Add-On Functionalities

Select your pay cycle: weekly, biweekly, twice a month or monthly.. Our platform also allows our clients the flexibility of correcting and editing their payroll as needed.

  • On-demand pay schedules
  • Terminate payroll processing if any error occurs
  • Fully secured system