We are looking for those who are true advocates, not only for their employer groups, but to the employees as well.

Broker Program


    Employees are struggling with their health and are making poor financial decisions. Employers are struggling with recruiting, retention and overall employee engagement.

    Brokers are losing business to disruptors in the marketplace – software companies that are capitalizing on consumerism and driving the employer to cut out their trusted advisors in exchange for keeping employees happy. These are problems we can solve, but we need your help. As our industry goes through amazing transformations, we believe the roles of brokers and consultants have never been more important than they are now. But you need to be equipped to face the challenge and adapt to change.


    We believe that those who control the data and engagement will win. The best way to control the client experience and force engagement is via an employer-sponsored enterprise software.

    The ability to educate, engage, and ultimately empower employers and employees to make better decisions must be through leverageable solutions. All clients have payroll, all clients are hiring, all clients are on-boarding, and all (most) clients have benefits administration. Doesn’t it make sense to have all these solutions in one system, built on one dataset, and controlled by you?


    We fully support the role of the broker/consultant and are working to empower them. We want partnerships with those who are advocates, not only for their employer groups, but to the employees as well.

    We exist to help brokers bring value to their clients. Technology cannot not do it alone. Vendors cannot do it alone. We need to work with individuals and firms who believe by leveraging technology with their solutions both employers and employees with the right information at the right time can begin to make the right decisions.

    The opportunities we have together allow us to jointly change people’s lives. If we look at solutions and partnerships in new ways, the outcomes could be immeasurable. We need to see the work we do as what is right, and not what is easiest. We need to show our industry what doing the right thing is all about. We are selectively pursuing broker partner relationships who are ready to join us on this mission. Are you ready?

"One thing is becoming clear, those who control the client experience and data will win."
Troy Bagne
President, Oncore

As the healthcare landscape continues to change the role of the consultant and broker has never been more important.

We want broker partners who:

  • are advocates for change.
  • desire an empowerment solution, not just single-slot technology.
  • are driving change in the industry, not just maintaining.
  • are working to promote a healthier workforce.
  • believe you can leverage data to make better decisions.
  • understand the value proposition of our model.

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